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Private Music Lessons

Learn a new instrument you've always wanted to try or continue to develop your existing skills. Spark private music lessons will provide valuable instruction to keep you learning throughout the year! Spark students are blessed with incredible music instructors. Read their bios here. Contact us for more information and to inquire about openings.

Music lessons are available in a variety of instruments:

  • Piano

  • Violin

  • Voice

  • Guitar/Ukulele

  • Woodwind - Recorder, Flute, Saxophone, Clarinet

  • Trumpet

Classes at Spark

Below you will find information about Spark classes. If you are interested in a deeper, more holistic arts education, click here to find out more about our Creative, Dance, and Music collectives.


Spark offers daytime and evening dance classes that focus on the discipline of dance and proper technique in training while encouraging dancers to use their art as a gift to the community. Spark believes that dance is an art that has the power to influence culture. With modest costumes and Christ-honouring movement and music, the atmosphere in class will be one of hard work, creativity, and fun! 

Weekly classes are available for the following age groups:

Tiny Tot = ages 2-4

Primary = ages 5-7

Child = ages 8-11

Youth = ages 12+


Dance Classes

*This class is only offered as part of our Dance Collective​. 

Click "read more" to find out about the dance styles taught at Spark. Acro Tech* Increase your strength and flexibility as a dancer while learning to perform gymnastic-based tricks. Ballet Spark ballet classes will challenge dancers in discipline and technique while encouraging expression from the heart. Classical Ballet Variations* Fall in love with the classics in this weekly ballet variations class. Students are required to take a weekly ballet technique class. Pointe Tech* This class is for those students who are ready to learn to dance en pointe. Students are required to take at least two other dance classes per week including a ballet technique class. Teacher must approve the student for pointe. Contemporary* This form of dance combines several difference styles to communicate through fluid, expressive movements. Hip Hop Worshipping Jesus with this fun, upbeat art form. Jazz This class will be upbeat and full of turns and jumps. Costumes and movements are always Christ-honouring. Classes are offered for several age groups. Students are required to take a ballet technique class. Tap* Increase your musicality and rhythm while enjoying this fun genre!


Students explore how voice, tone, movement, facial expression, and silence can tell a powerful story on stage. They will learn how to develop a character, understand key stage directions, and review relevant theatre history. Each unit will support the development and production of our final performance, where students will participate on stage. Drama is offered as part of the Creative Collective.


Learn a new instrument you've always wanted to try or continue to develop your existing skills. Spark private music lessons are taught by incredible instructors who are passionate about seeing students get to their personal next level. 

Music lessons are available in a variety of instruments:

  • DJ - Learn how to become a DJ! We will go over the rudiments of DJing such as beat matching, song selection and more!

  • Guitar/Ukulele

  • Music Production - Equip yourself with tools to learn how to make your own music! We will be covering the basics of recording and going in depth into how to develop your own "sound"! 

  • Piano

  • Violin

  • Voice

Those taking private music lessons are encouraged to consider registering for the Music Collective and participate in our weekly group music classes. Find out more

Pilates (ages 16+)

Pilates will strengthen your core, increase flexibility, and improve your posture. Our certified Pilates instructor will facilitate sessions that are designed to provide the ultimate benefit for the participants. The environment is encouraging and all levels of experience are welcome.

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